Wellbeing Story

an urban pilgrimage reflecting the values of AUC’s history

For several years, participants of the former Mental Health Drop-in run by the NHS at AUC, participated in the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival, creating panels (paint on Perspex) which were placed in the glass doors that look out on to George IV Bridge. These panels offering a bright interpretation of the SMAFF themes for passers-by to enjoy and think about. Following the themes and images for 2014—18, we have created this online pilgrimage that you can use wherever you are able to take a little reflective space for yourself.

The 2014-18 themes were:
• Power (2014)
• Passion (2015)
• Time (2016)
• Reclaim (2017)
• Beginnings (2018)


The gallery below allows you to see every window in its complete form.

Window 1 - Begin With Light

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The booklet below allows you to explore details of the windows and reflect on the various themes contained within them. Alternatively, you can download the booklet by clicking here