Wellbeing Story

The NHS Lothian Department of Spiritual Care “Community Mental Health Drop-in” has been taking place for over twenty years, meeting weekly at Augustine United Church on George IV Bridge.

Each year, from 2014 onwards, members of the drop-in have created sets of painted panels reflecting the different themes of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival – three panels per year. The panels (paint on Perspex) have been placed in the glass doors that look out on to George IV Bridge, offering a bright interpretation of the theme for passers-by to enjoy and think about. Following the themes and images for 2014—18, we have created this online pilgrimage that you can use wherever you are able to take a little reflective space for yourself.

The 2014-18 themes were:
• Power (2014)
• Passion (2015)
• Time (2016)
• Reclaim (2017)
• Beginnings (2018)


The gallery below allows you to see every window in its complete form.

Window 1 - Begin With Light

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The booklet below allows you to explore details of the windows and reflect on the various themes contained within them. Alternatively, you can download the booklet by clicking here