Who’s Who

Minister – Rev Fiona Bennett

Rev Fiona Bennett

Having studied Divinity at New College and a post-graduate diploma in Community Education at Northern College in Dundee, Fiona was ordained as a minister of the Scottish Congregational Church in 1996. When the SCC joined the URC in 2000, she became a minister of the URC.

As a URC minister she has worked in local churches with both the Methodist Church and the Church of Scotland, before being inducted as the minister of AUC in 2009. As well as being a minister, Fiona is a mum and partner – with the added responsibilities as a family referee and taxi driver. She has a great love of music, singing and laughing.

Email: minister@augustine.org.uk

Associate Minister – Rev Maxwell Reay

Rev Maxwell Reay

Maxwell is a Metropolitan Community Church minister who works as a chaplain and focuses his ministry on LGBTQI+ and mental health needs.

Email: associateminister@augustine.org.uk

Church Administrator – Rachel Fitzgerald

Rachel Fitzgerald

Rachel joined the AUC staff at the end of 2013 and normally works in the office 9am-5pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Outside of work you can generally find her in the outdoors with her young family.

Tel. 0131 220 1677
Email: administrator@augustine.org.uk

Church Secretary – Kathleen Ziffo

Kathleen Ziffo

Email: secretary@augustine.org.uk

Treasurer – Tom Murray

Tom Murray

Email: treasurer@augustine.org.uk


Alongside our Minister, Associate Minister, Secretary and Treasurer, the following elders are currently serving on Church Council: Eilidh Carmichael, Harriet Davidson, Ben Forsyth, Linda Harrison, Stephen Hoare, Anne MacKenzie and Ivy Ng.

Church Caretakers

We have a small team of caretakers who are responsible for taking care of the building and setting up rooms for our hirers. Tel. 07552 162 718