Study group – Scotland’s legacy of slavery

Lisa Williams’ book list: 

Already stocked in Edinburgh Central Library (on the opposite side of George IV Bridge from the church): 

  • Akala: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire 
  • Emma Dabiri:  What White People Can Do Next 
  • Alex Renton:  Blood Legacy 
  • Alex Wheatle:  Cane Warriors 
  • Kojo Karam:  Uncommon Wealth 
  • Marika Sherwood: After Abolition 

And Central Library has agreed to buy in: 

  • Hilary Beckles:  Britain’s Black Debt 
  • David Alston:  Slaves and Highlanders 
  • C. Hall: Legacies of Slave Ownership 
  • T.M. Devine: Recovering Scotland’s Slavery Past 

These last four may take a few weeks to arrive in the library, but all these books are in print. 

You don’t have to read a book to join the discussions. You could watch a video, do some online research, go to the museum… and e.g. find out about a particular enslaved person, a Caribbean nation, Edinburgh statues/ street names, slave owners, a particular building…  We aim to start the group in September so there’s plenty of time to do a little research!