Prayer for the Transgender Community – January 2023

Gender Recognition in Scotland

By an overwhelming majority the Scottish Parliament agreed to pass the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill that will reduce the previously demanding conditions to get a Gender Recognition Certificate which allows for a legal change in a persons’ birth certificate. These changes have been the result of years of campaigning, consultation and negotiation on the part of trans activists and the Scottish Government. Last week, it was announced that the UK Parliament are seeking to block these changes using a Section 35 Order of the Scotland Act. This would be unprecedented and has caused consternation and considerable distress among the trans community. Please pray for all our trans siblings both within and out with our community.

Prayer for the Transgender Community

We are with our transgender siblings, who you made, and welcomed into your family.

Our gender identity is truly a gift from you, Creator, Christ and Sustainer of all there is.

We come to you at this time of great distress, when human rights are being eroded, when transphobia is on the rise.

We ask for your justice in this time of hatred, we ask for wisdom to know how to resist, and we ask for love to soothe our broken hearts.

We ask for wisdom for politicians of all parties, that they may know your path of justice.

We ask for strength for our activists, that they would have your courage to continue their work, seeking a fair and just society for all people.

We thank you for the transgender people in our church community, and, we thank you for all transgender people throughout Scotland.

We ask that we would know your peace and grace.

We ask for comfort for all those who have been traumatised by transphobic political processes.

We know that you are with us and that you will never leave us.

So, we thank you for the Creator, the Risen One, the Wisdom of Sophia and for your limitless Love.

In Your many names.


Written by Lewis Reay