AUC Ways of Engaging

The AUC Community aspires in all our relationships, in person and through written communication (on and off line) to:

  • Believe in people as good and hold the best out for each other.
  • Be patient and come to relationships from a position of love.
  • Create space to listen to each other, asking questions & take an interest in others.
  • Try to see another’s perspective, listening deeply to other views and experiences.
  • Respect different views and see difference as positive.
  • Work at being self-aware and care for ourselves.
  • Affirm that mistakes are OK and don’t seek to blame (others or self).
  • Take responsibility for ourselves.
  • Be responsible in the ways we portray AUC to the wider community.
  • Not talk about others in a derogatory way.
  • Seek to resolve issues of conflict directly with the person/s involved.

In formal meetings we will additionally:

  • Respect time keeping.
  • Speak only for ourselves.
  • Respect the boundaries of confidentially agree by the meeting.
  • Respect different opinions & seek to understand.
  • Manage our own air space.
  • Have only one voice speaking at a time.

Living this out is the responsibility of each and all of us.

Agreed during Church Meeting 7th September 2020