Church Membership

AUC is a diverse and inclusive community which offers three formal ways through which people can express their belonging to our community:

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Friend of AUC

Membership in each of its different forms is a commitment to following Jesus in our lives and in the world, taking an active role in the AUC community and wider Church community. We offer a short course to consider what belonging to the Church is about. You can find out more information below:

Full Membership

Full membership of the Church throughout the world is rooted in baptism. To take up full membership of AUC you can either already be baptised, or you can be baptised as part of the service of membership. We require no evidence of this beyond your own word.

Full membership of AUC is a commitment to following Jesus in our lives and in the world, taking an active role in the AUC community and wider Church community.  As full members we commit ourselves to:

Worship – Regularly bringing to God in worship our gifts and needs, faith and doubt; in our community services, in services shared with our ecumenical partners and at other times in our lives collectively and individually.

Growth – Regularly participating in opportunities to develop our spirituality, learn from each other and broaden our understanding of the world, that throughout our lives we would taste the fullness of Life which Christ offers.

Support – AUC is a body of members who work together and support each other and the wider Church community. Every member has a valuable role to play within the life of the community, sharing our friendship, talents, time and resources.

Action – AUC members are committed to transforming our lives and the world to build the Kingdom of God of which Jesus spoke. We campaign and work for justice, standing with those who are oppressed and seeking to live in a balanced way as part of our planet.

Beyond baptism the process of becoming a full member of AUC, is through the agreement of the Church Meeting and a public declaration in a Service of Welcome that the candidate wishes to take up membership.

If you wish to become a full member of AUC, please contact the minister ( or an elder to decide if you wish to attend the information sessions, and to discuss when your name would go forward to Church Meeting.

Associate Membership

To become an Associate Member is to express an active commitment, contribution and spiritual connection with AUC. Associate members do not need to be baptised, make a statement of faith, or commit themselves to the connection and responsibilities of Full Membership, but they do commit themselves to supporting the work of the Body of Christ.

Associate Membership is agreed through Church Meeting and is taken up as part of a congregational service of worship, where the Associate Member declares their commitment to actively engage with and support the aspirations and community of AUC.

Associate Members are formally included within the pastoral oversight of AUC.  Associate Members would not become members of the URC and would not be eligible to become elders or to vote at Church Meeting. However, it remains the case that anyone, including non-members, can make a vocal contribution at Church Meeting and decisions are largely made by consensus, rather than by voting.

To become an Associate Member please contact an elder or Minister (

Friends of AUC

Friends of AUC support the aims and activities of AUC. They receive regular newsletters, updates and invitations to events, and support the work of AUC through participation and giving as they can.

Friends of AUC may or may not regularly attend our services or have a Christian faith, but wish to express a connection with AUC and support its aspirations.

To become an AUC Friend you can send an email to the church administrator (

Membership Courses

Twice per year we offer a course to explore what belonging to the Church is about. Over the 3 sessions we consider what is it to be part of:

  • The Body of Christ
  • The United Reformed Church
  • Augustine United Church

More information and dates of the next courses can be found through the Diary and by reading the booklet “Belonging to AUC“.