Sunday Worship

Physical Worship in the Building

Physical worship has returned to the building and will take place every week.

You no longer need to book a place in order to attend worship so please just arrive at the church shortly before 11am and a door steward will take your contact details on the door. Communion will be offered at our services but if you are more comfortable bringing your own bread and juice please do so. 

A lot of thought has gone into how to make the experience as safe as possible and we’ve drawn up some additional information and a code of conduct which we’re asking everyone to abide by. You can download a copy here.

Online Worship

A few days before the service, a printable order of service will be available to download from the link below.

Our Sunday services are streamed live on Zoom and YouTube from 10.50 am. These platforms have enabled us to get together as a community every Sunday morning despite being in different locations in Edinburgh and across the world. Following the service, we have a Post-Service Social Time on Zoom, and everyone is welcome to attend. Our services are also available to watch on-demand through our Facebook Page. Services from within the last three months can be accessed using the respective links at the bottom of the page. The most recent service is also available to watch below.

If you would like more information about how to access the service or the Post-Service Social Time, please either send us a private message on our Facebook Page or contact us via the details on the Contact Us page. You can also subscribe to our weekly newsletter, which contains the links to the service and Post-Service Social Time as well as information about other online events which we host during the week. To do this, please send Rachel Fitzgerald an email at

Upcoming Service: Sunday 31st July 2022

Order of Service

Fruits of the Spirit Summer Special (URC Families on Faith Adventures)

Previous Sunday Services

Click the links below to watch the previous Sunday services which have taken place within the last three months from our Facebook page:

Services that are older than three months are still available to watch on Facebook or YouTube.