We Need to Talk About Race

By Ben Lindsay: Review by Ian Johnson (From Seeds Issue 96 – July 2020)

Are you prepared to be disturbed?

This is a book that Justin Welby said is

a must read for the UK Church. This book is shaped deeply by the gospel call for transformation: of individuals, of communities, of society at large.

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Black Lives Matter: one father’s fear

By Iain Stewart, Executive Director of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association (From Seeds Issue 96 – July 2020)

The tragic killing of George Floyd has shaken me personally and, I know, members of the Edinburgh Interfaith Association. As a father of a mixed-race child and a person of faith I identify strongly with the cause of Black Lives Matter.

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Returning to the building

By Rachel Fitzgerald

After more than three months away from the building, the concept of reopening and returning feels daunting to all of us, I suspect. Rest assured that both the church council and the building staff are taking their responsibilities seriously in thinking through the risk assessments, systems and policies that we’ll need in place before we can safely bring people back into the building.

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Don’t Forget the Treasure

By Rev Fiona Bennett (From Seeds Issue 96 – July 2020)

The process of “unlocking” life seems much more complicated than when we went into lockdown. It is harder to work out what is permitted and what is not as things keep shifting. It is hard to plan for the future when we are not sure what will be allowed at given points in time. One of my concerns of “unlocking” is how and if, in our drive to get back to normal, we will remember any of the treasure we have discovered during lockdown.

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