Why Herstory? – Further Information

Among many other remarkable women who also have connection with Augustine, we can name:

Mary Parnaby was both a member of Augustine and the daughter of a former minister, Henry Parnaby. She became Dean of Women at Moray House, Edinburgh’s teacher training college.

Anne Jane Anderson (1847 – 1935), the great grandmother of current AUC member Robert Somerville. She was actively involved with overseas mission causes, and campaigned on behalf of the “Edinburgh Seven”, whose story is told below. Jane herself went on to support the training of other women doctors and medical missionaries.

At the end of this pilgrimage, we will also learn about Jo Clifford, playwright and actor, and a current Augustine member whose photo features in our display board in the porch. In their different ways, the lives and concerns of these women reflect Augustine’s endeavour to re-balance the world, giving voice to women who have felt marginalised, or been debarred from living to their full potential in the Church or in society at large.

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