Ceremonies & Life Events

At AUC we celebrate naming ceremonies, baptisms, funerals, weddings and other stages of life. We are delighted to be able to offer weddings to any couple regardless of their gender identities.

Christenings & Baptisms

At Augustine we facilitate everything from infant baptism to adult submersion, recognising the many Christian ways can formally join God’s family.

Do consider taking our membership course if you’re thinking of being baptised. You can also consider whether you would like the baptism during a worship service and get in touch with our minister Rev Fiona Bennett.

Harriet & Tim celebrate the birth of baby Joseph.


Credit: Ellie Morag
Eilidh & Luciano's Wedding
Church Decorated for Wedding
Steven & Tyler's Wedding

We have a Wedding Preparation document and an Inclusive Wedding Liturgy complied by our minister Rev Fiona Bennett. If you are interested in being married by one of our clergy, in our church building or elsewhere, please contact our church administrator.


Leaving notes about how you want your funeral to be conducted can be of great help and comfort to people bereaved. If you would like to make your wishes about your funeral known to your friends, family and the Church, the form below may be used.

Funeral Preferences Form

For more information about funerals at AUC, please contact our church administrator.