Fairtrade Refresher

By Rev Fiona Bennett (From Seeds April – May 2024)

The United Reformed Church’s National Synod of Scotland held an overnight meeting at Tulliallan in March. The gathering offered some very rich and thought-provoking opportunities, one of which was a refresher in the potential of fair trade.

The Scottish Fairtrade Forum shared with us its vision of growing a model of trade which is, and will contribute towards, shaping a more just, equitable and sustainable world. In over 70 countries across the world, there are currently over two million farmers and workers employed in Fairtrade certified producer organisations. These enable community businesses, which sustain schools, fund health care, and transform local societies.

When we look at the poverty and challenges in and for our world, with everincreasing divisions, at times a way forward can feel overwhelming and impossible. But the very real transformation and possibilities of buying fairly traded goods and supporting the Fairtrade movement are definitely not impossible or outwith everyday reach.

Through his life, death and resurrection, Jesus showed us that the way of transforming our lives and world to realise God’s dream for us is not through a magic potion, single ideology or conquering hero, but through grace, persuasion and faith.

The Fairtrade model of working is not a quick fix to transform every challenge our world faces but is a solid and effective way of building sustainable, just and healthy community for all the life which makes up the earth. It shows a path to make some of God’s dream for the world possible, and is a light of Hope in darkness which we can all share in.

I was grateful for the opportunity at Synod meeting to be refreshed once again in the hope and possibility which Fairtrade enables us to be part of.

Fairtrade Fortnight

The next Fairtrade Fortnight will run from Monday 9 September to Sunday 22 September 2024.

This year will mark Fairtrade’s 30th birthday, so the organisation hopes to use the occasion to highlight how 30 years of working together has made the FAIRTRADE Mark a leader of life-changing impact for farmers and workers across the world.