Church Lunch & Meetings

Church Lunch

There are currently no physical Church Lunches, but each week after the Sunday Service we gather online for fellowship. These gatherings are open to all and the link to them is in the Friday “Not Notice” e-mail.

When not in lockdown, one Sunday each month we host a simple church lunch after the service. The meal is open to all and similarly, everyone is welcome to bring something simple along to add to the table. Often we’ll have soup with picnic-style accompaniments like cheese, bread, crisps, and fruit. For dates visit the church diary.

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Church Meetings

At the heart of AUC and its operation is Church Meeting. These meetings are currently taking place online over Zoom and alternate between business meetings and topical discussions each month. Anyone is welcome to attend and contribute to the meetings.

Occasionally there may need to be a vote on a matter which is restricted to those who are full church members, but otherwise, as a community, we represent a diverse range of opinions, theologies, and experiences, allowing space for faith and doubt, hope and fear, confidence and questions. We are also committed to developing healthy relationships and so have considered and set out how we aspire to relate to each other in our Ways of Engaging.

Meetings end by saying the Grace together.

The grace said at church lunches