Living with faith today

Living with faith is a journey of change and growth. In AUC we understand that our questions and doubts are gifts from God nudging us to explore further. We accept that there are many questions that do not have clear cut or simple answers, but the journey of honestly questioning draws us closer to God, to each other and to ourselves.

This page contains video talks/sermons offered by a number of people connected with AUC. The talks offer reflections from the speaker on different aspects of living as a Christian today. These talks are not intended as definitive answers, but honest explorations into topics that are important to us as an ever-growing and changing community of followers of Jesus.


  • David Coleman’s Talks
  • Alex Peden’s talk from Sep 26th

Black Theology

  • The cross & the Lynching tree

Queer Theology

  • Bible clobber passages
  • Feminist Theology
  • Non-Binary Identity
  • Jesus Queen of Heaven

Interfaith Stories

  • Living with faith as a Buddhist
  • Living with faith as a Muslim

Stories that have shaped us

  • Herstory
  • History of URC
  • History of Scottish Congregationalism

Christian Theology

  • How do I read the Bible?
  • What is Salvation?
  • Heaven and Hell
  • Discipleship
  • Atonement


  • What shapes the worship services @ AUC