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Living for the wellbeing of all creation

AUC marks the season of Creationtide every year in September, as a season to reflect on our Environmental living.

Lecture by renowned environmentalist, Alastair McIntosh

In late 2011, AUC hosted a number of lectures to celebrate the building's 150th anniversary.

One of these was given by Alastair McIntosh, writer, broadcaster and campaigning academic.

A film of his lecture can be found here.

EcoCongregation Scotland 

AUC is an EcoCongregation which involves us in an on-going process of learning, reflection and action.

Eco-Congregation Scotland is a growing movement of currently 231 churches from Shetland to Dumfries, and from Iona to Aberdeen. They are urban and rural, small and large, Protestant and Catholic, traditional and cutting-edge. They share the conviction that our society's wholesale exploitation of the natural world is a dishonour to God the Creator; and that to do nothing in the face of environmental destruction is to fail in our duty to worship God and to care for the poor. (

RecyclingThis process has involved a number of positive changes in the way we run our building and our lives. We have added blinds to insulate our windows, a dishwasher in our pantry to reduce water and energy consumption, stopped using disposable cups, changed to a green energy supplier, introduced more recycling in the building, stopped printing regular paper orders of service and are constantly reviewing our practices.

In 2009 in his Ebor Lecture in York, Archbishop Rowan Williams stated that: “Ecological questions are increasingly being defined as issues of justice … both, to those who now have no part in decision-making at the global level yet bear the heaviest burdens as a consequence of the irresponsibility of wealthier nations, and to those who will succeed us on this planet – justice to our children and grandchildren.”

In campaigning for environmental justice AUC supported The Wave in Glasgow, adding its voice to influence UK leaders at the Environmental Conference in Copenhagen. The results of the Conference were not as we hoped but continue to campaign with the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition through Commitment 4 Life.