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How we aspire to be

“Augustine United Church aspires to be an active inclusive Christian community growing in depth and numbers.”

In 2009, through the merger with Metropolitan Community Church Edinburgh (MCCE) and an adoption of a new model of Church Life, the community of AUC has begun to grow in number as well as depth.

AUC 2014-2016 Priorities

 As well as continuing the ongoing program of activities, in 2014-16 we intend to direct time and resources into:

 1)  Renewal of Pastoral Care System

2)  Raising the Profile of AUC’s Children & Young People’s work 

3)  Continuing to develop a strategy for Financial Self-sufficiency, in reducing the (presently annual) deficit, alongside addressing the building costs

4)  Creating a Communication Strategy

AUC Mission Statement

The people of Augustine United Church seek to proclaim God’s unconditional inclusive love in our worship, in our care for one another and the world.

As a Church we collectively commit ourselves to:


  • proclaiming God’s inclusive love through regular worship, special services, prayers and acts of devotion throughout the week
  • ensuring our services move and inspire, offering moments of stillness, prayer, inspiration and celebration
  • being a voice for Christian belief in our modern city, explaining our faith and how we help the local community and the world
  • including new people who want to join our services and those who want to learn more about the Christian faith
  • searching for ways of leading worship and activities with children and young people and students
  • being open to other Christian traditions and broader forms of worship, and welcoming opportunities of sharing worship with other churches


  • following Christ’s “new commandment” to “love one another” and making this the centre of our life and works
  • finding new ways of improving pastoral care for our community
  • working to fulfil the personal and spiritual needs and development of our community, through prayer, regular meetings, and visits
  • bringing before God the joys and sadnesses experienced by members of our congregation, in life’s journey
  • making new members feel welcome and listening to their wishes and concerns


  • using and maintaining AUC’s gifts, buildings and resources to support Church and local groups that work to promote peace, freedom of thought and freedom of expression
  • breaking down the barriers that divide Christians, to see that we are all part of one Church
  • consolidating existing Ecumenical Partnership and creating new ones
  • celebrating the continuing contribution of church members and publicising our activities and our distincitive counter cultural identity to the local community.  

One World One Church bannerWORLD

  • loving our neighbours as ourselves and, in so doing, standing together with poor and oppressed people in majority world as well as developing World
  • supporting organisations that offer direct help and also to those that campaign for a change to world systems that maintain poverty, division between peoples and cause damage to the environment
  • giving thanks for the achievements of our own church members who work to support World development organisations
  • working with and learning from the wider World Church and other faith groups