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Church Life Model

AUC Organisational Structure

How AUC is Organised

Interdependent, diverse, overlapping, growing and evolving is the organizational life of AUC.  At the heart of AUC is Church Meeting. This meets monthly alternating between a topical discussion meeting and a business meeting. 

The URC ordains Elders. Elders are ordained for life, but in AUC we have times when Elders are serving and times when they are non-serving. Elders oversee church order, act on the decisions of Church Meeting and recommend to Church Meeting. At AUC Elders meet monthly. 


Working in partnership with MCC in our Our Tribe Ministry, MCC Clergy involved with Our Tribe are included as members of the Elders meeting. Also part of the Elders Meeting are the AUC Office Bearers: Church Secretary, Treasurer, President & Minister. This group meets occasionally outside Elders Meeting to ensure support for the minister and consider issues to be explored by the Eldership. 

Most serving Elders oversee a Church Life Ministry Teams (CLMT). These  7 Ministry Teams take responsibility for different areas of Church Life. 

Friends, Associate Members and Full Members are encouraged to become part of these Ministry teams and to develop AUC’s Church life. Contact information for each of these Ministry Teams can be found in our newsletter SEEDS, which is available in the Church foyer and on the website (

AUC Church Life Ministry Teams (CLMT)

-Membership: The aim of this Ministry Team is to nurture and grow church membership. Increasing Church Membership and encourage existing members to get involved in the life of AUC. This includes ensuring good systems of Information & Communication within and out with AUC.

-Children & Youth: The aim of this Ministry Team is to offer an engaging, nurturing and safe program of activities for young people and children within the AUC community.

-Worship: The aim of this Ministry Team is to facilitate within the AUC community a high quality, relevant and diverse diet of worship, to express the spirituality of AUC and of the local community. To provide a variety of education opportunities to develop Christian Spirituality, Bible Study and Progressive Christianity.

-Our Tribe: The aim of this Ministry Team is to organise and develop the Our Tribe Ministry, which in partnership with MCC, offers support and affirmation to LGBT Christians in Edinburgh.


-Finance, Centre & Property Management: The aim of this Ministry Team is to oversee and manage the finances, property & staff of AUC.

-Commitment 4 Life: The aim of this Ministry Team is to raise awareness and promote positive change for justice of people and planet. To provide education opportunities to explore relevant current issues. To encourage volunteering opportunities with social justice projects within Edinburgh.

-Pastoral: The aim of this Ministry Team is to facilitate a web of care throughout AUC through Social events, pastoral support and education opportunities to promote good mental and emotional health.